Holistic Hustler Institute With Brooke Daniels

Break Free From Career Burnout And Start Living Life On Your Terms With A Uniquely Powerful Program, Meaningful Mentorship, And Vibrant Community

We’re turning off survival mode — it’s time for your next level.

The Holistic Hustlers Institute is here to transform hustlers trapped in the grind. Go from a life with no time, no energy, and a never-ending struggle to reach your goals to a life where joy is your daily companion. Where time is yours to reclaim. Where freedom and abundance run deep and where you're smashing your ambitious goals faster and more effortlessly than ever.

Brooke Daniels, Mindfulness & Burnout Executive Coach | Investor

Stuck in the grind? Here’s your key to freedom:

Where The Path To The Amazing Life You Dream No Longer Drains You But Fuels You.

Tired of feeling like you're constantly running on empty? That’s the hustle: It’s a trap. A trick. A prison too many of us have been stuck in for far too long.
  • The hustle tries to convince us high achievers that we’re always running behind.
  • That we aren’t “trying” unless we’re exhausted, beat, and burnt out.
  • That we have to sacrifice everything — our time, energy, and personal lives — for “success.”
  • That we’re never going to reach our goals as fast as we want.
But that just isn’t true.

Break Free From Your Hustle Era.  Step Into Your Healing Era.

Keep Scrolling If You've Ever Said This...

“One day, I'll have time for my hobbies.”
"One day, I'll slow down and enjoy life.”
“One day, I’ll have time to travel.”
“One day, I’ll finally reach my goals and have my dream life.”
“Once I get that promotion, I’ll finally be happy.”
“Once I earn that income, I’ll finally have freedom.”
“Once I land that deal, I’ll finally stop feeling overwhelmed at work or in my business.”
You don’t have to wait for “one day” to be happy, healthy, or thriving.
You can start now. You can start today.

Imagine Thriving, Not Just Surviving. What If You Could...

  • Stop chasing money and start attracting wealth?
  • Experience abundance in every aspect of your life — not just choosing “one or the other?”
  • Reach your goals even faster without sacrificing everything else?
  • Pursue your passions, feel connected to your purpose, and gain freedom in your time, energy, and finances?
  • Wake up each day feeling energized and fulfilled — instead of fighting the anxiety to turn your brain off each night?
  • Achieve your career or entrepreneurial dreams without sacrificing your health, happiness, or relationships?
  • Know how to build your dream life and no longer settle for the status quo?
This is the purpose of the Holistic Hustler Institute:

Your path to personal and professional freedom.

Join A Mindfulness Coaching Program That Releases You From The Grind — And Moves You Onto Even Greater Things.

The Holistic Hustler Institute is your mindfulness and expand beyond burnout coaching centre here to give you the proven strategies you need to:
  • Break free from the grip of burnout and rediscover vitality in your life.
  • Find success without compromising your well-being and happiness.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed in your career or business and start reconnecting with your sense of purpose and direction in life.
  • Take control of your time and create more space for yourself, your hobbies, and your family, no longer feeling stuck in life.
  • Achieve financial freedom while prioritizing your health and well-being as a high achiever.
  • Shift your mindset to value time over wealth and material possessions.
  • Build the dream life you know you’re destined for and attract abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Live your best life without sacrificing your health for success or vice versa.
All in the short and long term.

Ditch The Grind, Embrace The Glow-up & Live Your Best Life.

I created the Holistic Hustler Institute as a sanctuary for ambitious high achievers, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who know the struggle of burnout and feeling overwhelmed at work. Even more? 

It's your roadmap to freedom from feeling stuck in life and your career. It’s your way to build an amazing, aligned, and abundant life with less hustle and more purpose, power, and peace. See the stories of former hustlers who've made the leap. 

I know you can work less, gain financial freedom, and live your best life today — not just someday.

What Do Our Customers Say?

"This Holistic Hustler Insitute was exactly what I needed in my journey towards reclaiming my time, freedom, and joy. As an entrepreneur, I used to pride myself on my ability to hustle and grind my way to success. However, this approach left me running on empty and disconnected from the things that truly mattered to me in life. Through the program's transformative teachings, I've learned to cultivate a mindset of abundance and flow, allowing me to achieve my goals with greater ease and actually slow down enough to enjoy the journey. I am forever grateful for the support and guidance of this incredible community."
- Alex
"Before working with Holistic Hustler, I felt stuck in a cycle of stress and overwhelm, where the only way I knew to get to success was to constantly sacrifice my well-being for it.  I had tried meditation before but still could never turn my thoughts off and worrying and planning for my company's future was the source of anxiety and long-term insomnia. Thankfully, this program has guided me to break this cycle and find mindfulness practices that work for me. I've learned new ways to reach my goals without sacrificing my health or relationships. I now wake up each day feeling empowered, aligned, and ready to tackle any challenge with grace and ease."
- Erika
"As a busy executive, I struggled to find time for myself amidst the demands of my career. This has been a game-changer for me. Through the Holistic Hustler's meditation and mindfulness practices, I've discovered the power of slowing down and tuning into my own needs. Not only have I become more productive and focused at work, but I've also cultivated a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy in my personal life. This program has truly helped me achieve success on my own terms, without sacrificing my well-being."

- Lauren
"Joining this program was one of the best decision I have made for both my personal and professional growth. I consider myself to be a high achiever in all things, and I was accustomed to pushing myself to the limit in pursuit of success. However, this lifestyle took a toll on my health and happiness. The Holistic Hustler's emphasis on mindfulness and self-care helped me build a regular practice to achieve success from a place of alignment and balance. I now approach my goals with a sense of ease and confidence, knowing that true wealth encompasses far more than just financial prosperity. YES! We can build wealth and live full, happy lives too."
- JaNay
"Since joining the Holistic Hustler Institute, my life has undergone a meaningful transformation. I was once caught in the relentless grind of corporate life, feeling burnt out, exhausted, stressed and disconnected from myself and my loved ones. Through the program's meditation and mindfulness practices, I've learned how to release stress and anxiety and have regained clarity, purpose, and a sense of balance. Beyond this, I've achieved my personal and professional goals faster, while also reclaiming my time, health, and happiness in all areas of life along the way. Truly thankful!"
- Katie

The Holistic Hustler Institute has empowered me to rewrite the narrative of success in my life. For what feels like my entire life, I’ve been accustomed to putting my financial and work goals ahead of everything else, including my own well-being and the things I love. Through this program, I've learned to honor my holistic self—mind, body, and spirit—while still achieving incredible success in my career. I no longer subscribe to the toxic hustle culture that pervades our society. Instead, I embrace a new approach to success as a “Holistic Hustler” —one that prioritizes our health, being our authentic selves, and aligning to purpose which leads to experiencing abundance in all areas of life. Thanks to the support of this amazing community, I'm living a life where I love the journey every single day while I’m still expanding and reaching for my goals.
- Janee

How Do I Know The Holistic Hustler Institute Works?

Because it isn’t just a vision — it's my reality. It’s my story. And it’s about to be our story.

I used to think that building my dream business meant sacrificing everything — my needs, my dreams, my energy. But guess what? The dream career and dream life don't ask for everything. They’re supposed to give you what you need.
So, let's take that leap, make that shift, and put ourselves first.

My Story:

How The Holistic Hustler Institute Was Born?

After college, I dove headfirst into the cutthroat world of tech and venture capital, driven by a deep hunger for success as a high achiever. But with every milestone, I felt a growing sense of emptiness.
That this “success” I dreamed of was more of a nightmare. I was constantly stressed, feeling overwhelmed at work and feeling stuck in life.
For over 15 years, my outward success grew higher and higher — while my health and happiness dropped lower and lower.

Truthfully? I hit rock bottom.

But it was because of these painful moments that I was forced to make a change. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness, drawing inspiration from the profound wisdom of Deepak Chopra and the unwavering resilience of Oprah. 

Through the practices of meditation and mindfulness coaching, along with aligning my actions with my deepest purpose, I didn't just get my time and energy back — I redefined what success means to me.
But it led me to where I am today: To help you find the same freedom I have.
And where am I now? Well, this journey has propelled me to my purpose to inspire audiences of 1 million+ with my message of success without the dreaded burnout. I've had the privilege of working as a mindfulness and burnout coach and guiding over 500 clients toward their path of abundance and fulfilment.
I'm more than just an entrepreneur and investor — I'm a dedicated mom, wife, and dance coach. These shifts have granted me the freedom with my time to be with my family and do the things I love.
I have the freedom to be present: To watch my son grow up, to travel, and live life on my terms.

I went from 70+ hour workweeks to under 25-hour workweeks — while making 3x my old income.

I’m here to empower you by sharing the exact proven framework that helped me break free from hustle culture — and my clients do the same.

Because here's the secret: There's a holistic route to success. One that doesn't require you to sacrifice all of your time, energy, and happiness. One that allows you to surrender to success instead of forcing it.
High Achievers:
It's never too late to rewrite your story.
Break free from the never-ending stress of the grind and effortlessly pave your path to success.

You can have a thriving career and life. You can fulfil your purpose and fill your bank account. And throughout your journey, I'll be right there, coaching you to live your best life, every step of the way.
So, why wait for “one day” to feel happy, fulfilled, and successful? Join us now and unlock it all:
  • 30-Day Holistic Hustler Institute Jumpstart Program
  • 12-Month Mentorship & Mindfulness Coaching
  • Access to the Holistic Hustler Community
  • And much, much more!
Start your next chapter with the Holistic Hustler Institute:

Your mindfulness and anti-burnout coach & program.

Introducing the Holistic Hustler Institute: A transformative program designed to help you reclaim your life, effortlessly build wealth, and achieve lasting success without the grind, with me as your mindfulness & burnout coach.

Find Holistic, 360 Success with Mindfulness Coaching.
The Holistic Hustler Framework #1:

Stop Chasing Wealth And Attract it.

  • Holistic Self Discovery: Access actionable mindfulness coaching practices to reconnect with your true, higher self and get clear on your vision for live.
  • Unleash Your Full Potential & Attract Abundance: Open yourself up to unlimited opportunities in all areas of your life. Learn how to leverage your unique gifts and align to your purpose to bring your dream life into reality.
  • Subconsciously Release Old Conditioning: Break free from the subconscious fears you’ve been conditioned to believe — the very ones holding you captive in stress and away from deeply satisfying success in all areas of your life.
  • Time Mastery & Reclaim Your Freedom: Get your time back and live your best life by learning to prioritize your energy based on what you value most and learning how to flow. Gain freedom with your time, energy, and finances.
  • Liberate From Burnout & Cultivate Resilence: Renew and recharge your mind, body, and spirit in the long term with sustainable practices to stop yourself from constantly feeling overwhelmed at work, in your business, or in your life.
  • Energy Optimization: Learn how to improve your energy and health across mind, body, and spirit as we explore techniques such as meditation, Ayruveda & nutrition, yoga and fitness, digital detox, and more. 
  • Reach Your Big Goals Faster: Slow down while speeding up the path to your dreams. Yes, high achievers — you can have it all!
The Holistic Hustler Framework #2:

It’s Time to Fire Up & Achieve The Success Of Your Dreams.

Start reaching your goals even faster with our proven transformation framework:
  • Visionary Learning: Immerse yourself in transformative knowledge and actively learn new success approaches to embody the change you desire with visionary learning.
  • Immersive Experiences: Engage in practical, immersive experiences to understand and embody the benefits of these approaches firsthand. 
  • Reflect and Release: Take time for introspection, reflect on current beliefs, and reframe perspectives to eliminate limiting beliefs, fostering a mindset conducive to abundance and success. Create space for renewed energy, creativity, and resilience essential for success.
  • Intention & Attention: Craft a visionary and intentional plan aligning your goals with values, passions, and purpose and focusing your attention on these areas to grow. 
  • Manifestation Mastery:  See the dream life you want and employ powerful manifestation techniques to bring your vision to life, tapping into the abundance that surrounds you.
  • Integrated Practices: Seamlessly integrate proven, life-changing strategies into your daily life, ensuring long-term success and fulfillment while maintaining balance.
  • Continuous Transformation: Adopt a mindset of continuous improvement, adapting and enhancing strategies as you evolve on your journey towards lasting prosperity, sustained success, and fulfillment and watch yourself evolve as you start living your best life now.

Everything Included In The Holistic Hustler

The Holistic Hustler Jumpstart Program, 12-Month Mentorship & Mindfulness Coaching, AND Holistic Hustler Community Access.

Holistic Hustler Jumpstart Program

Experience Results In Your First 30 Days.
Say goodbye to never feeling like there’s never enough and get more of what you deserve — time, energy, income, happiness, health, and purpose. With our Jumpstart Program, you'll accelerate your journey to renew joy, reclaim your time, and reach your goals.
  • 30-Day Jumpstart Online Course:
  • Jumpstart your progress with an initial month-long program that will give you foundational meditation, mindfulness, and manifestation skills, step by step.
  • Group Discussions and Open Forums:
  • Feel the support and find the accountability you need by connecting with like-minded individuals and high achievers, every step of the way.
  • Intuitive Resources:
  • Find the answers you’re looking for within. Get insightful prompts, powerful meditations, and meaningful reflections designed to help you release what no longer serves you and connect you to your purpose.
12-Month Mentorship & Coaching.
Turn your progress into real, lasting change.
  • Live Monthly Mindfulness & Burnout Executive Coaching:
  • Receive monthly live mentorship & coaching sessions with me to get personalized, hands-on guidance.
  • Monthly Group Discussions and Open Forums:
  • Stay connected and share your experiences as you align your life with your purpose.
  • Live Webinars and Q&A:
  • Gain insights from industry experts and experience breakthroughs in real time. Get your personal questions answered, the support you need, and the guidance you deserve as you align with your purpose.
  • Weekly Motivation:
  • Stay engaged and inspired with weekly content designed to keep your growth flowing and adopt it in your lifestyle for lasting freedom.
Holistic Hustler Community Access
Make meaningful connections. Get ongoing support.
  • Private Online Community of Diverse Holistic Hustlers:
  • Join our welcoming community of enlightened achievers dedicated to success without the grind.
  • Networking Opportunities:
  • Connect with fellow Holistic Hustlers, share experiences, and expand your network.
  • Proven Mindfulness & Burnout Coach Strategies and Resources:
  • Access comprehensive materials, guides, and journaling prompts to help you live your best life, in and out of your career.
Ready to feel real shifts in your life?

Join us now and align your life with success, balance, and purpose with the Holistic Hustler Institute.

You deserve it all:

Exclusive Bonuses Await You.

There’s always more waiting for you.

That’s why, as a member of the Holistic Hustler Institute, you'll enjoy exciting bonuses designed to bring even more abundance into your life:
  • Quarterly Virtual Roundtable:
  • Join our vibrant community LIVE every quarter for a virtual roundtable session, where you'll recharge your energy and connect with fellow members on the path to fullfilment.
  • Exclusive Discounts:
  • Enjoy special discounts on future Holistic Hustler live experiences and merch, giving you even more value for your investment.

Pay In Full, And You’ll Get Even More.

Take the leap and feel the benefits.
  • Personalized Primordial Sound Mantra:
  • Deepen your mindfulness coaching and meditation practice with customized mantras meant to ground your soul in relaxation, clarity, and inner peace. Align your energy with your goals with mantras selected specifically for you based on the sounds of the Universe.
  • Live Session with Me – “The Ins and Outs of Manifesting”:
  • Tune into the real power of manifesting and learn proven strategies to manifest your desires effectively, from understanding the science behind manifestation to practical tips for success. This session will empower you to harness the law of attraction for your benefit.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

To me, it’s all about trust. 

 Want you to take the leap and know you’re safe doing it. Your investment is risk-free with our 7-day money-back guarantee. Join the Holistic Hustler Institute today and start learning how to live your best life now.

“Is The Holistic Hustler Institute Right For Me?”

Who It’s For:

If you're done with feeling overwhelmed at work, burnt-out, and trapped, and you're hungry for lasting freedom without sacrificing your sanity, you're one of us.
  • Holistic Hustlers gain financial freedom and lasting success without the grind. They still have big goals, big dreams, and big ideas ­­­­— and they get what they want even faster by breaking free, aligning with their purposes, and challenging the status quo.
  • Whether you're stressed out and hustling in tech, venture capital, or the corporate world, or you're a passionate entrepreneur craving balance, I’ve got your back. We're not just for the wellness crowd — we're for any high achiever ready to make a real, lasting change in their life. We’re for anyone who feels like they’ve lost their purpose and want more than anything to get back to their best selves.
  • Maybe you've dabbled in meditation or tried mindfulness coaching, but you haven't found that supportive, connected community to help you thrive long-term. If so, you've found your tribe. We're for the ones who are truly committed to making a change in their lives — a change that lasts. Welcome home.

Who It’s For:

If you're done with feeling overwhelmed at work, burnt-out, and trapped, and you're hungry for lasting freedom without sacrificing your sanity, you're one of us.
  • Holistic Hustlers gain financial freedom and lasting success without the grind. They still have big goals, big dreams, and big ideas ­­­­— and they get what they want even faster by breaking free, aligning with their purposes, and challenging the status quo.
  • Whether you're stressed out and hustling in tech, venture capital, or the corporate world, or you're a passionate entrepreneur craving balance, I’ve got your back. We're not just for the wellness crowd — we're for any high achiever ready to make a real, lasting change in their life. We’re for anyone who feels like they’ve lost their purpose and want more than anything to get back to their best selves
  • Maybe you've dabbled in meditation or tried mindfulness coaching, but you haven't found that supportive, connected community to help you thrive long-term. If so, you've found your tribe. We're for the ones who are truly committed to making a change in their lives — a change that lasts. Welcome home.

Who It’s Not For:

As a wellness and burnout coach, I want to welcome everyone to the Holistic Hustlers Institute. But I also recognize that not everything is for everyone — and that’s okay! This might not be the transformation you’re looking for if:
  • You’re not willing to make real lifestyle changes to slow down and break free from the grind.
  • You believe success only comes through endless grinding, hard work, and sacrifice.
  • You are not open to holistic, spiritually driven practices, such as meditation, manifestation, and mindfulness coaching (the heart of this program!).
  • You want a quick solution instead of lasting change. Our Jumpstart Program will accelerate your goals, but you’ll need to keep going with our 12-Month Mentorship & Coaching to call in deep-rooted results.


Because you deserve to feel confident in this game-changing decision.

↘  I've tried coaching before without success. How is this program different, and will it work for me?

Absolutely! I designed this program to be uniquely powerful. Unlike traditional mindfulness coaching, we don't just scratch the surface. We dive deep, uncovering the root causes of your challenges and providing practical, actionable, and proven solutions.

Once we lay the foundation and accelerate your journey in the Jumpstart Program, you’ll get ongoing support with our 12-Month Mentorship & Coaching. Plus, our community support and personalized approach ensure you're never alone on your journey to success. 

↘  I’m always feeling overwhelmed at work. How can I get results that actually last?

Great question! Our program focuses on sustainable transformation. I don't believe in quick fixes or Band-Aid solutions. Instead, I provide you with the tools, techniques, and support you need to create lasting change in your life. From mindfulness coaching to holistic goal setting, I’ll help you build a foundation for success that stands the test of time.

↘  I’ve been caught up in the grind forever… Is it too late for me?

Never! It's never too late to reclaim your life and pursue your dreams. Our program is designed for high achievers just like you who are ready to break free from the grind and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Whether you're 25 or 65, it’s time to live your best life on your own terms now. 

↘  What if I don’t have the time to do something else in my day, like meditating?

Life can be busy — but that's exactly why our program is so effective. We provide practical techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, so you can experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness coaching without adding extra stress to your schedule. It’s all about slowing down to speed up.

↘  What if I’ve tried meditation before, and I just wasn’t good at it?

First, it’s impossible not to be good at meditation! It isn’t something you can do “wrong!” Meditation is like getting in the water: Even if your toe is just dipped in, you still get wet and experience benefits.

It’s easy to feel uncomfortable sitting with your thoughts at first. Maybe you’ve tried meditation in the past, but you just couldn’t turn off your thoughts.

If that’s the case, I have good news: In the Holistic Hustler Institute, we explore multiple meditation and mindfulness strategies so you can find what works for you. Meditation isn’t about turning off your thoughts. It’s about making peace with them. And I’m skilled at helping you do just that. If you’re unsure about meditation, don’t worry. I’ll be there to ease you into your meditation journey.

Hi, I’m Brooke Daniels

Your Mindfulness Mentor & Burnout Coach!
Throughout my career, I've held various roles in go-to-market strategies, securing multi-million-dollar contracts and launching new products at major companies. Venturing into venture capital at Salesforce Ventures, I managed over $5B in assets and contributed to initiatives like BLCK VC and the Cap Table Coalition.
These experiences led me to create the Holistic Hustler, blending my wisdom to help entrepreneurs and professionals achieve their dreams holistically, prioritizing purpose, wellness, joy, and wealth.
Becoming a meditation and wellness coach under Deepak Chopra's guidance, I realized the power of a holistic approach to success. I witnessed firsthand how integrating wellness practices like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness coaching can lead to profound shifts in both personal and professional realms.
From coaching over 100 founders to helping them raise $75M+ in venture capital, I realized that many were feeling overwhelmed at work and stuck in the same grind and burnout cycle I had once experienced. This fueled my mission to empower entrepreneurs and professionals in a different way –– with a holistic abundance and burnout coaching approach that honors purpose, wellness, joy, and wealth.
Now, I'm here to guide you on your journey to success, not just in business, but in life. Because true success isn't just about the hustle –– it's about finding balance and living a life you love. Doing the things you love with the people who you love. 

In just a month, you're going to witness some serious magic happening in your life.

Say goodbye to feeling like life is running you ragged and hello to taking the reins of both your career and your personal life.
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